Police In Schools

The Calgary Police Service (CPS) values the role they have in the lives of children and their families. As part of Start Smart Stay Safe (S4), children and families experience police officers as supportive, caring adults who are partners in creating a safe and caring community.

Research has shown that having a positive relationship with even one caring adult can have a profound impact on a child’s life. Children in S4 schools have a strong community of positive, caring adults that include police officers, parents, volunteers, teachers, and school staff who are all there to support them.

These classroom experiences provide opportunities for children to discover how to identify and use their strengths. S4 purposefully attempts to increases  resilience  in children and those who are caring for them,  building their ability to navigate through challenging situations like bullying, cyber-bullying, pressure to engage in substance abuse, high risk behaviours, or victimization.

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