S4 & Your Family

Being involved in your children’s learning allows you to build on their strengths and skills as they become capable, responsible citizens. Your family works together to keep your community safe.

S4 resources are designed for you to use with your children at home while others are designed to invite your family’s participation at your children’s school.

Some resources are created as learning tools for your family (ie: tip sheets, recommended reading) while others were created for your family to do together (ie: Family Connection Activities sent home from your children’s teachers, S4 Family Activities).

S4 resources and activities promote healthy social and emotional development by focusing on building upon your family’s strengths. Each activity focuses on the S4 Cornerstones (Significance, Success, Self-Awareness, and Service).

To check out our complete list of interactive family resources, click HERE and watch our video on Strengths-Based.

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