Police In Schools

The Calgary Police Service (CPS) values the role they have in the lives of children and families. The Start Smart Stay Safe (S4) police officers attend school classrooms for a 1-hour lesson during the school year, where they co-teach an S4 lesson with your child’s teacher. The police lessons are connected to the Alberta Program of Studies which means it is time well spent!

S4 lessons cover many topics which help your child:

    • Learn how to talk about their feelings
    • Develop positive ways to calm down when stressed, upset, or mad
    • Discover their personal strengths and identify their unique/special talents/abilities
    • Realize new ways they can use their strengths to help others
    • Recognize the tools they have for making good choices
    • Be active, positive influences in the lives of their friends, family, and community
    • Identify police officers as one of their trusted adults in their community

Police officers also interact with children and families outside the classroom lessons. They may be on the playground, in gym class, at the school over lunch, or drop in to say hello at recess. Police officers may attend celebrations or assembly type events.

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