S4 in Schools

Children bring a variety of strengths to their classrooms and school community. Start Smart Stay Safe (S4) activities invite children to learn about and share their strengths with others while building a safe and caring community. As children learn about their personal strengths and how these can help build healthy relationships, they learn how to face challenges and begin to see them as opportunities to grow and learn. Children understand that they belong and can help their community become strong.

Police encourage students to use their strengths and to continue to develop their skills to keep themselves and their communities safe. Lessons shared by police officers, teachers and families help children build strengths in the following areas:

  • Using problem solving skills
  • Making healthy choices
  • Using respectful communication skills
  • Building healthy relationships
  • Being digitally safe
  • Being safe at home/school/community
  • Serving others to build an inclusive, resilient community

More About S4

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