S4 & Your Family

Start Smart Stay Safe (S4) wants you to be involved in your children’s education. Being involved in your children’s learning improves their confidence, attitude, and overall learning in many subject areas. It also promotes positive behaviours which helps them get along with others.

Other benefits to family involvement include:

  • Improves student emotional well-being
  • More positive attitudes and behavior
  • Fosters better student classroom behaviour
  • Reinforces that school is a great place to be
  • Improves educational efforts
  • Higher grades and test scores
  • Increases homework completion
  • Fewer placements in special education
  • Improves school attendance
  • Higher graduation rates
  • Greater enrollment in post-secondary education

Family involvement in education helps children to grow up to be productive, responsible citizens.  Check out this article about how important parent involvement is in a child’s life.

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