Getting Involved

As a teacher, there are a number of ways to be involved with Start Smart Stay Safe (S4):

  1. Make S4 part of your classroom program
  2. Promote S4 by using the School Connection Activities
  3. Be a school champion and engage members of your whole school community whenever possible
  4. Mentor other teachers in your school
  5. Promote S4 by sending the Family Connection Activities home to create a common language between school and home
  6. Create opportunities to celebrate S4 within the entire school community (school events, classroom celebrations, sharing what S4 is doing in your classroom with school council)
  7. Build a positive relationship with your School Education Officer (SEO)

Additional information for parents looking to get involved in S4, please click HERE.

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Become an S4 School

Join in the fun and help build positive change in our children.